The Y Beginner Program

Welcome to Beginner Gymnastics!

What you will be learning

In a beginner class, you will be learning the fundamentals of gymnastics which includes our very important gymnastics shapes, locomotions and basis of skills. We will also be building and progressing our balance, flexibility, strength and endurance.

What you will need to participate in this class

Attitudes and behaviours

  • A positive attitude towards trying new things.

  • A respectful attitude towards yourself, your teacher and other gymnasts.

  • A responsibility of performing your gymnastics skills safely and as directed by your coach.


In order to learn gymnastics safely, your coach will ask you and your parents to ensure that the space you are using is appropriate and free from any hazards.


Any equipment required for the lesson will be communicated prior to or at the beginning of your lesson. 

  • Cushions/pillows

  • Training aids, mats and shapes (if you have them)

  • Couches/mattresses

  • Ottomans

  • Soft toys/rolled up socks

  • Masking tape

  • Balls/balloons

  • Skipping rope

Prerequisite skills

You don't need to have any gymnastics experience to join this class. This is where we will build your foundation of gymnastics.

What are some of the shapes, skills and exercises we will be performing?

Our goal is to introduce and develop a basis of gymnastics shapes, skills and strength.


  • Bunny hops

  • Log rolls

  • Egg rolls

  • Tuck rolls

  • Needle and Scorpion kicks

  • Jumps - Rocket, Star, Tuck, Straight


  • Front, Back and Side support

  • Angry cat

  • Happy cat

  • L sit

  • Straddle sit

  • Pike sit

  • Tuck sit

  • Candlestick

  • Dish and Arch


  • Passe

  • Arabesque

  • Single leg balance

  • Hopping 


  • Awareness of full body stretch


By the end of each class, I should have...

  • Learned at least one new thing about gymnastics, about myself, or about my coach.

  • Tried my very best in all activities.

  • Completed or participated in a safe and fun skill, activity or challenge.